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Third Laptop Hunters ad: 11-year old kid gets a $1500 laptop

Since I spend my time flying around the Globe and sleeping in California and Croatia, it is interesting to see that the differences between numerous countries are actually really small. When I write about the differences, I mean kids. It would be dishonest of us to say that we can completely understand a generation that is growing in inter-connected world – when my parents and grandparents took me to countries such as West Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Italy, USSR, China etc – it took days to go from point A to point B. Today, we can go online and buy a ticket to Sydney, Australia, and if he/she’s not careful, end up in Sidney, Montana.

So, it is no wonder that mom took a kid to the unnamed electronic store and purchased a $1500 notebook. And here it comes – while Apple fans may whine about the typical spitting portray on a Mac, the fact of the matter is that for $1500, you can get whole lot more on a PC platform, than you can get on a Mac. Blu-ray is a very weak and frustrating point for any Mac owner that is in content creation biz. Ah well, personally, I hope that RED Ray will come out and demolish existing optical standards.

With the upcoming Laptop Hunters ads, you’ll also see $2000 price bracket to hit professional ground, and there Apple has a firm ground to cover. Of course, in Microsoft’s vision, Alienware M17, ASUS G50VT-A2, HP HDX18t and Toshiba Qosmio X305-Q720 will beat MacBook / MacBook Pro.

Lisa and Jackson got their 16.4" Sony notebook… and the only downside we could think of is – it runs Windows Vista. Funny thing is, at the time of writing, Microsoft’s own page wasn’t updated with the latest ad. YouTube took the flag. Ah well, can’t have it all.

If you wondered how many Laptop Hunter ads will appear on the TV and online, the answer is very simple: 14. That is the number of notebooks featured on Microsoft’s official page.