OCZ releases AMD-only memory – ready for Bulldozer in 2011!

Even though it may sound weird, but OCZ Technology is the only manufacturer to release an AMD-only memory kit. A while ago, OCZ launched ultra-dense AMD-only DDR2 kits [4GB and 8GB DDR2-667], memory that utilized AMD’s 11-column address bit feature from Athlon 64 X2 and Phenom memory controllers. The difference is pretty big: the standard specification calls for 10-bit column address with 8k page size, while AMD supports 11-bit column address with 16k pages.

AMD switched to DDR3, and so did OCZ. Unlike the previous attempt, where OCZ supported DDR2-667 speeds on CPUs that used DDR2-800 and even DDR2-1066 modules, the company released four 4GB [2x2GB] DDR3-1333/DDR3-1600 memory kits – supporting not just current Deneb-based Phenom II, but also a "debuting in 2011" Orochi-based Phenom III. If the name Orochi sounds familiar, you’re not off the mark – Orochi is the first core using K11 architecture a.k.a. Bulldozer.

Truth to be told, OCZ will need to re-release PC3-12800 kits in 4x2GB configuration once that Orochi arrives, but we’ll go into the specifics of Bulldozer core in an article coming in couple of hours. These kits are low-voltage [1.65V] and pose no danger to the on-die memory controller. The kits are available as low-latency Platinum or looser-latency Gold AMD Edition modules. The latencies are as follows: 9-9-9-20 [DDR3-1333 Gold], 7-7-7-20 [DDR3-1333 Platinum], 8-8-8-24 [DDR3-1600 Gold] and 7-7-7-24 [DDR3-1600 Platinum]. Sadly, OCZ disappointed us on the design front. Looking at the pictures, we didn’t notice any markings that would warn Intel and make AMD users proud. Thats right, no "AMD AM3 Socket Only" sticker to identify these kits as unique for AMD.