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Twitter goes for the big 10 million


Social Networking services are on fire, and it looks like there’s no immediate slowing of the trend. According to Media Metrix data ComScore released today, the number of visitors went up by 131% in March and reached 9.3 million visitors. That is an astonishing five million visitors more than in February.

Twitter is going up the ranks...
Twitter is going up the ranks…but more and more users are getting "the flying whale" error, as servers are hitting the limits…

Twitter’s "Big 10M" goes in-line with the recent announcement that Facebook is growing by 25 million a month, and last week reached its 200th million user account. When it comes to Twitter, you can see how dramatic that jump just by looking on the chart above. It shows that Twitter accelerated growth from 33% in January and 55% February to dramatic 131% in March.

Before jumping to conclusions, we have to realize that these numbers do not include International users or desktop and mobile clients so the numbers could be bigger. ComScore will release international numbers later in the month. We would advise Twitter to put Quantcast/Alexa or similar public domain tracking, and clearly show to the world why the company isn’t interested to be acquired by Google [the reason why Twitter probably won’t hear about Google Analytics].