Who will acquire Twitter? Now you can bet on it!


"Who will buy Twitter?" Even if you don’t care about this social networking craze that just scored 10 million visitors on a monthly basis, it comes as no surprise that non-IT focused companies want a piece of the action.

Given the popularity of online betting, we were not surprised to hear that BetOnline now wants a piece of the cake; the company is letting people tp place bets on whether or not Twitter will be acquired in 2009. As serious betting go, they’ve posted odds on the potential takeover:

  • even money on a Google acquisition – $1:1
  • Facebook pays $5 to 1
  • Microsoft pays $10 to 1
  • Yahoo pays $20 to 1.
  • If anyone else buys them it still pays $5 to 1.
  • If they decide not to sell you’ll get $2.5 for every dollar you bet – if you’re right.

Of course these odds will change over time as bets are placed, so if you have some spare money lying around under the mattress or just feeling lucky, visit the Exotics folder of the Futures and Props section today and place your bet. Standard disclaimer applies: you have to be over 18 to place a bet etc. etc. etc. You can view BetOnline’s Rules here.