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New CoolIris is out – surf through your computer

While we can debate what name was better, PicLens or CoolIris, one thing is certain – this free application is a much better way of surfing through pictures and videos when compared to the conventional search.

The concept of "cool wall" got copied by numerous larger players, but there is only one original application, and that’s CoolIris. The developer just released version 1.10, bringing support for browsing the contents of your computer as well. Now, we only miss the Network files browsing feature… when guys implement My Network Places, they can definitely hope to become a must have feature for numerous users.

Browsing through local picture library... finally!
Browsing through local picture library… finally!

If you have some time, install CoolIris on your computer and head over to CRO-Wallpapers, a site run by friend of the site. For some imaging action – load CoolIris by clicking on icon on every image or click here for a direct link to CoolIris 3D wall. If you just want to browse the web for images, just load CoolIris and type what you want to find.

If there is one application to watch, forget about all the social networking non-sense competition. Once touch-screens come to life in the world of computing, expect these guys to shine like the Sun – this is a free app, no strings attached to any hardware or software platform.