Payed Twitter accounts!?


It was just a matter of time till someone tries to take advantage of Twitter, especially with this kind of user growth. Thus, we were not surprised to see places like TwitPub appearing.

This site is a marketplace where Twitter users can sell access to their updates, they just need to register and set their own subscription prices. The lowest price is $0.99 per month, or just about the lowest payment you can make on most credit cards these days. Other Twitter users sign up and pay for access to these accounts on the TwitPub marketplace. The financial part is the most interesting one, anyways – TwitPub takes 20% for itself and gives 80% to its publishers. According to the official TwitPub FAQ, payments are going through PayPal accounts, and that would be a legit move for a US-oriented startup. But if you are subscriber – you must pay with credit card via WorldPay (!?).

The main question is, will this work, or is this some kind of joke, considering that there is so much free content on the internet? If you do want to try TwitPub, feel free to sign up and you never know, maybe you get some followers 😉