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Google Labs bakes another feature: Meet "Similar Images"


Google is continuing on its quest to improve its search engine – a wecloming change from search engines that stayed the same for years – Google Labs just gave birth to its latest baby, Similar Images. You’ll probably wonder what is it for, but as the name says it searches for similar pictures, or what it thinks has similarities.

While not in the range of TiSP, Google Labs came up with a technique that utilizes GPU-acceleration technologies that naturally joined the company back in 2007, when Google acquired PeakStream, ATI’s GPGPU frontbearer. Using GPU acceleration, this search engine giant is now indexing its complete, yet ever-expanding image database for similarities and the result is now here, in the form of Similar Images technology.

Now, this is really a good image search result…

If you enter the word cloud, it will search all images with cloud that share some sort of similarity. So far it seems very practical, especially when you are looking for something specific, and you don’t want to go through hundreds of “fake” pictures. You can see more on how Similar Images work in this video on YouTube.

All in all, this is quite an impressive feature that will ease image search of the future. We only wonder how many ATI GPUs are deployed in Google farms… pardon, Labs.