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OCZ releases "a reliable but ultra-fast" SLC-based SSD drive

Flying on the sales results of its mainstream-oriented MLC [Multi-Level Cell NAND flash memory chips] SSD drives, OCZ launched a refresh of its enterprise-class product line.

Under the name Vertex EX, OCZ launched an SLC-based [Single-Level Cell NAND Flash chip] SSD, capable of reaching reading speed of 260 MB/s and write speed of 210 MB/s. There are only two models available, 60 and 120 GB [with 4GB and 8GB spare capacity],

Seeing these specifications only made us wonder when AMD and nVidia will release their SATA 3.0 supporting chipsets, since it is obvious that the Solid State Disk technology overtook SATA 2.0 and its theoretical 300MB/s. If you read and write on the same SSD, the maximum speed will go down, but still stay beyond 300MB/s offered by actual SATA spec.

Still, SLC-based SSDs are a wet dream to server builders and admins – no headache with cooling, vibrations and yet, offering unbeatable access times and ultra-fast data transfer. SLC is more costly to make, but the technology does not overload the single data cell like the MLC technology thus, resulting in much longer expected life.