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Adobe responds: Jim Goldman from CNBC is misleading the public

A story on Neowin raised a lot of fuss when guys caught Jim Goldman, Silicon Valley Bureau Chief and a major Mac fanboy [how can a person claim to be a objective journalist and a fanboy, is beyond me, Ed.] claiming that Apple bundles Photoshop with Macs.

Since we recently went on a shopping spree to buy the third octal-core for our video studio – and discovered that Apple doesn’t bundle Photoshop, we wanted to check did somebody drank too much Apple-flavored Kool-Aid or just got a free laptop that had Photoshop installed, and thought everybody gets the same treatment.

We asked Adobe if the company had signed a bundling deal we [and most of the world] were unaware of, and we received a following statement directly from Adobe, passed on to us by AR-Edelman, Adobe’s PR agency:

"Adobe does not bundle Photoshop with Macintosh computers. We are however, by most calculations, the largest producer of Mac software on the planet."

There you go. If there was any doubt that the journalist-fanboy in question was preparing the market for an exclusive deal and slipped the dates, we will leave you to conclude what he was thinking. But Adobe does not bundle its Photoshop with Macintosh computers and this brings this sorry affair to a close.