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ZDNet and Objectivity Paradigm: The Best Spin Ever Heard

Today while researching the article we published on the new Apple ads I found what has to be the most impressive spin I have ever read.

For years Apple Fans have maintained that OSX is more secure and robust than Windows due to the small number of viruses in the wild for the operating system. Windows supporters have countered that this is due to the small foot print OSX has in the market.  Further adding that the large number of viruses is due to the large market share Windows has and that Malware writers go for the larger impact. The Apple gang counters that does not matter.

However in a very poor attempt to spin the failure of the Mac at Pwn2Own 2009 one ZDnet Blogger has the audacity to try and use that very argument in favor of the Mac. Larry Dignan, the Editor-In-Chief of ZDNet stated in a blog entry "Taking down a MacBook gets the headlines. It’s sexy. It’s a blogger’s dream. The more prominent Apple becomes the more hackers want to attack it. Simply put, security by obscurity isn’t an option for Apple anymore. Why wouldn’t hackers target the MacBook first?"

Now here’s the rub, If Mac was as secure as they claim in their ads and the fanboys rant it should not be so easily broken into; after all it was broken in less than 2 minutes. But that is besides the point as the title of the Blog was “Pwn2Own: What OS really won?”  In following the trail of the Pwn2Own competition we see that Vista as an OS was not hackable despite being a more prominent and supposedly less secure OS. The contest rules were altered to allow for third party application exploits. While this is still a valid exploit the actual Vista OS was never breached – it was a flaw in the way Java is handled by Abode’s Flash that allowed the hack to take place. Not a flaw in Vista. In fact this flaw in Flash is cross platform so it could be used on any platform that supports Flash, OSX and Linux Included.

Now it is true that the Hack that Broke the Mac was an e-mailed link to a malicious site containing JavaScript. But the flaw was in the OS and in particular Safari.

This is a very strong showing that Windows has a rough time getting fair and objective time in the technical press these days. By contrast Ubuntu was not broken at all during the contest. But there are many known hacks to get into linux and I am sure they would have gotten out if anyone felt it was important enough. The press likes to pain Microsoft in a bad light no matter what, in this case Vista was not hackable; Adobe’s flash was. This mean not matter how much you like or dislike Windows, Bill Gates, Vista or the PC in general you have to admit that it won the day between the two or you show a bias that should not exist in objective reporting.