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BSN* Business Journalist mugged at WinDays – watch your wallets!

We expected a stream of news from WinDays 9 conference in Croatia, such as Office 2010, Cloud platforms, DirectX 11 and all that is happening at this very interesting, yet hidden conference.

Unfortunately during morning’s breakfast at Hotel Bristol, an unknown person stole a wallet with all the credit cards and documents. After reviewing the CCTV footage, we identified the perp. And this is where "fun on mediterranean way starts", e.g. same thing that will happen to you in Italy, south of France, Spain or Croatia – even though the event was filmed on CCTV, local Police department told us that that’s "not their jurisdiction" and our reporter had to take the drive to City of Rijeka, some 20km away. All we can comment on this is that Croatia has a long way to go when it comes to efficiency of police, which was proven to be incapable of handing bigger things such as assassination of our late colleague and a friend last winter or the case of disappearance of Britt Lapthorne, yet alone something like checking the CCTV footage, identifying the already known thief and bringing him to justice.

Our reporter was told that these things happen, but that it is "normal". We’ll continue with our WinDays coverage as soon as our reporter returns to Opatija and picks up the trail. This is a real shame, actually – since we heard a lot of fantastic things that are coming in the next 18 months. It looks to us like Microsoft woke up and is doing a lot of progress on all fronts.