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Dragonica MMO opens pre-registrations for Closed Beta Testing

Dragonica, developed by Korean developer Barunson Interactive, will be free MMORPG [Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game], arcade-style 3D side-scrolling, the fantasy MMO game. It will be published in English, French and German.

The story is leading us in Dragotaka, a cartoon-environment world on two continents where players will go through different quests with lots of action and socialization with other players. The game will have a unique combo-based combat system, different sorts of ground and air based attacks and hilarious skills together to increase your combo and experience multiplier. You can see some of the screenshots of the game here, while Dragonica trailers are located here.

Everyone who register and enter the beta will be able to keep names of the characters for the following open beta – but the authors refrained from disclosing will the closed and open beta characters be elgible for their names afte the full version comes out. If you’re interested in free MMO games, you might want to read a bit more information about the game on Dragonica’s official site [is it just me or the publisher calls themselves a Potato? Ed.].