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YouTube goes RealTime, brace for impact

What happens when you take America’s Funniest Home Videos and turn it globally: YouTube. What do you get when you combine YouTube with real-time?

These days Google is working in "Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead" mode. We don’t remember when this search giant introduced so many features in a spread of a week or two. As of tonight, the company is starting to test a new feature called YouTube RealTime. YouTube RealTime lets you and your friends share what you’re doing (watching, rating, commenting) on the site, all at the same time. As you all know, watching videos on YouTube is often one man’s business, but now with RealTime you can share that special moment with all your friends.

This also has opportunity to explode, especially if you record something like a bodily gas release… you know how these things go. Just like Susan Boyle or Allan Lake’s attempt at viral videos with Spread The Monkey – there is no better entertainment than life itself.

Maybe it is because all growing and popular social communities like Facebook and Twitter that people have the need to share everything and this has become our real reality and life or just because of the big bucks that are spinning around and giants like Google knows to realize and exploit that.

You can see how the YouTube RealTime works on Tech Crunch, who released a preview article the moment we published this story. Funny how life works.