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New F1 game features advanced physics – PhysX?

Even though Formula One is the world’s most popular annual-cycle sport, overall third [only to two 4-year cycle events – Olympics and World Soccer Championships], the sport languishes in case of computer games. Ecclestone probably ate his hat when he sold 5-year license to Sony Computer Entertainment. This caused EA to fire my friends and colleagues at ISI, makers of brilliant F1 2000, CS2000, 2001, 2002 and 99-02 games. Then again, Bernie did me a favor; because I would probably be working for EA in Chertsey UK and Bright Side of News would never come to life.

When Codemasters announced that they signed a deal with Formula One Management [exclusively revealed by my former publication here and here], we knew we’ll be in for a treat. One year after, Codemasters decided to deliver F1 2009 to PlayStation Portable and Nintendo Wii in late summer of this year, and push the ultimate F1 experience to 2010. F1 2010 will come out for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

But rest assured that the F1 2010 game will not be an arcade BS like previous Sony titles. According to our sources close to Codemasters, the F1 2010 physics engine will be developed using telemetry data for all 20 cars collected during the actual season, and then updated with telemetry data in first Grand Prix races of 2010: we suspect Australia and Malaysia, and then QA the already completed code – and ship the game in time for European season. Worst case scenario, the game will come in summer.

The game should be released around May 2010 [Q2’10 was quoted to us], featuring all the latest cars and developments. We heard something about on-line downloadable content, but we don’t know specifics at the moment – as Codemasters hasn’t decided what to offer online – we are too early in development stage to finalize the feature set for the game.

Graphics should be razor-sharp, with even the smallest details on cars rendered to perfection. Everything is simulated, and here is where we have our doubts – if the game uses physics engine to render everything, some of the stuff we heard only put one candidate in front – nVidia’s PhysX engine. Will PC see the GPU accelerated version, it is too early to tell. But given the performance differences between CPUs in PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, we believe Codemasters is using nVidia PhysX engine and its excellent in-game physics scaling tool, APEX [Advanced PhysX eXtensions].

Long story short:

  • Arcade-style F1 2009 featuring 2009 cars coming in 2009.
  • Simulation F1 2010 featuring 2010 cars coming in 2010.

Editor’s note
13 more months, 13 more months…. Who will wait for 13 more months….aarrrrrgh? Well, back to ISI’s excellent rFactor and F1 2009-LE mod then 😉

Yes, we are linking to a Torrent File on The Pirate Bay. And no, this is not illegal software. This is a modification for a game that you should go and buy on rFactor’s official site. Just goes without saying that content industry screwed the pooch when it comes to what TPB should be used for.