Hubble celebrates 19th birthday- Congratulations!

Space telescope Hubble celebrated its 19th birthday – for that long period of time Hubble shot the most amazing and most detailed pictures of planets, stars, galaxies and other different space objects. 
Hubble was launched 1990, crossing 4.5 billion kilometers. This 19-year mission resulted with over 570,000 pictures and 39 Terabit of data sent to Earth. Development costs for this majestic piece of technology ran well over 1.5 billion USD.
Atlantis mission (May 11th) will mark the last time Hubble gets upgraded with new parts and hardware.  The telescope was serviced four times: 1993, 1997, 1999 and 2002. The Hubble is going to be active till 2014, when it will be replaced with new model called "James Webb Space Telescope".
If you have some time on hands, just go to the Hubble Gallery and Enjoy with a capital E. 🙂