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Windows 7 RC is out after all – download Win7 today!

After releasing the Windows 7 RC schedule to the world, several large media outlets got their hands on Windows 7 RC code and published previews. Guess what was the reaction from media that was honoring the original deal?

Microsoft’s policy of giving Window 7 RC copy to the press backfired when several large media outlets posted their previews before agreed dates, dates we wrote in our previous story. This pissed of members of the press who were obeying the NDA date and it was normal that a backlash would happen. While we do need time to preview the products, install the software on different systems and check them to see "how they breathe" before we are able to write it, it is always funny to see large media outlets insisting on NDAs so that the small guys would not overtake them, and then break the NDAs themselves – with the company not being able to do a thing, because "they’re too big".

Our colleagues at Israeli NGOHQ decided to go ahead and put Windows 7 Release Candidate in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions as a free download. Thus, you can download Window 7 Release Candidate today and flip a bird to Microsoft’s "bad policy" of giving the code to the members of the press first, and then do nothing when some media outlets thingk they’re too big to honor the deal that was equal for everyone. 

In order to use this release candidate, you need to request a product key from Microsoft and you need to use the product key to activate the release candidate within 30 days, or the release candidate’s functionality will be limited. Your product key will work for up to three separate computers.