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Dot dash on Google logo


Today is the birthday of Samuel Morse inventor of telegraph and Morse code and Google always pays attention for all sorts of holidays, important, big days.
If you went today on Google you could notice that the Google logo (Google Doodle) has been changed and shows dots and dashes. Well today it is the birthday of Samuel Morse inventor of single wire telegraph system and Morse code which was used in radiotelegraphy all over the world; it is still using today but very little.

The original Morse telegraph, submitted with his patent application, is part of the collections of the National Museum of American History at the Smithsonian Institution. In time the Morse code become the primary language of telegraphy in the world, and is still the standard for rhythmic transmission of data. However, the variable length of the Morse characters made it hard to adapt to automated circuits, so for most electronic communication it has been replaced by machine readable formats, such as Baudot code and ASCII.
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