Tracking swine flu on the internet

There are several web sites on the internet that provide information about swine flu outbreak – we decided to provide you with a quick article with the most popular links online at this hour:

Google Maps swine flu outbreak map: With this map you can find every known infection case of the swine flu around the world. It also provides information on the current state of the infected person and it is continuously updated. You can also see H1N1 Timeline, a page you can see where the flu is and where it’s going. You can track where it has started and where it is spreading. 

The Centers for Disease Control: The CDC is the best swine flu resource on the Web. You can learn everything about the flu outbreak, watch a video podcast by a doctor, that gives in-depth information about the flu’s signs and symptoms, how it’s transmitted, and what can you do to protect yourself.

Flu Wiki: The Flu Wiki helps you learn about flu from its symptoms, strains; the site provides lots of information about any flu topic.

HealthMap: Another map where you can see where the swine flu is going; it maps all the known outbreaks of sicknesses ranging from the swine flu to Typhoid.

The New York State Department of Health : This site provides some of the best information about the swine flu. It has data on current outbreaks, frequently asked questions about the flu, and tips about prevention.

WebMD: This page is great if you want to learn about the disease’s symptoms, treatment, and prevention. It has a "Swine Flu FAQ" page with answers to all kind of questions about the flu.

World Health Organization: The WHO is constantly updating the site with warnings about the swine flu. You can learn about the flu’s current effect on the world and where it could hit next. It also provides information on symptoms and treatment. The WHO doesn’t give as much details as the CDC, but it’s a reliable source.

Of course lots of information and support you can find on social networks Facebook and Twitter.