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Xobni-going live tonight


Today’s news that Facebook is going to allow developers to incorporate full streams into their applications, developers took it pretty seriously and are improving their apps as we speak. Tonight at 6 PM PST Xobni, the popular Outlook add-in that makes Email easier to manage, is going live with a new upgrade. Because all of the changes will be on server side Xobni users won’t have to download an upgrade.

Some basic Facebook contact information, profile photos and status updates were included in Xobni before, but it wasn’t like your full Facebook news feed (you couldn’t see how your contacts were interacting with each other). But now this will be available directly in your Outlook mail client, and that is far more efficient, and time saving than going to your Facebook page.

Bad news is that Xobni is available only on Windows, and Mac users are once again set aside.