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15 years for Opera – congratulations!


Fifteen years ago (April 1994) Jon von Tetzchner & Geir Ivarsoy build a web browser and they called it Opera. And from that day roughly 40 million people (only 2% of all Internet users) are using this browser on their computers. One of good reasons for the lack of popularity was the fact that until couple of years ago, Opera was a paid software. But being a payware enabled creation and support of without any doubt – the largest number of platforms – being available not just for conventional platforms such as Windows, Mac and Linux, but also on numerous handheld platforms such as Nokia’s Symbian, Blackberry OS and many others.

Two years after, they released first public version Opera 2.0. When in 2001, Opera introduced Mouse Gestures – this was The Step that improved how people are navigating through web. New innovations continued coming in, as the developers are focused on keeping users productive and organized.

The development isn’t slowing down anytime soon – Opera Turbo was shown this year, demonstrating variable web page compression in order to give broadband-like speeds on almost any Internet connection. We are sure that this is not the end and that Opera will still surprise us. Opera is at the moment in version 9.64; it is also publicly available version alpha 10. More details you can find out on the main page of Opera.