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Firefox 3.0.10 and Firefox 3.5 beta 4


Firefox 3.0.10 is fixing a critical security issue in relation to memory corruption – the flaw that was detected as a potential security vulnerability. This should also solve the frequent crashing issue experienced by some of the users. This problem was introduced with version 3.0.9 fix and only affects users using Windows operating system.

Most of the users will update to new version automatically, but you can manually download it from the official Firefox 3.0.10 download page.

Today was also the day when Mozilla Foundation released Firefox 3.5 Beta 4. We could not resist but download it and took it for a spin. First of all, netbook users [you mean users with limited hardware capabilities, Daniela – Ed.] will want to stay clear of this build, since it was practically unusable, slow, constantly crashing, and none of the add-ons were working, so it is our opinion that waiting for a more stable version is a better choice.

The only good thing that I liked it was Private Browsing, where you can surf through the web without leaving any trail, so your boss won’t be able to see that you were hanging on Facebook the whole time of your work. Of course if you like adventures enough – you can head over to the official Firefox 3.5 Beta 4 page and try out the browser for yourself.