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Google Location in Mozilla Firefox 3.5 beta 4


Google Blog announced that Google’s Location Service will become the default location provider in Mozilla Firefox 3.5 beta 4.

This is a quite important announcement – developers can now access user’s approximate location without requiring any additional plug-ins – if you activated Google Location service, you’re there. We can discuss about location based services and the privacy issues the arise, but the biggest problem in using them is having them installed with different kinds of plugins. Firefox 3.5 is going to change all of this with the integrated location detection feature, at least for desktop browsers.

Google’s further plans are not just for the Firefox browser, but also for Internet Explorer which is still the world’s No. 1 browser. Well, our internal stats show that 58.27% of all BSN* readers use Firefox 3, so we can freely state that most of you will be able to use these services. If you want them, that is.