Windows 7 RC1 Released to TechNET but TechNet Down for Upgrade


Microsoft announced availability of Windows 7 RC1 to MSDN and TechNET subscribers today. However, if you visit the TechNET sight you won’t be pleased.

For some reason the site is unavailable. A quick call to the customer service center yielded a response of “our servers are undergoing an upgrade” the very helpful person on the phone also informed me there was no ETA on repair. Now, correct me if I am wrong but what system admin decided to perform an upgrade on the day a new OS release candidate drops?

If I were to do that where I work, well I would be looking for a new job before the end of the day. So I have to say Kudos to MS, they pulled an Apple today.

(for those that do not know what an “Apple” is it is when you release something knowing your servers cannot meet demand such as all of the iPhone releases.)

TechNET down for Upgrade?


Update – At the time of writing TechNET subscriber pages were not available to anyone. TechNET is back online as of 5:51 UTC. Total down time was just over three hours for most people