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Free Panda Cloud Antivirus

It was bound to happen – sooner or later, cloud computing needed AntiVirus functionality and Panda Security captured a pole position with the release o af public beta of Panda Cloud Antivirus.

As the name states, this AntiVirus package is located in the "cloud" where detection and classification of new malware/virus etc. takes place "in real time". This online from-the-cloud system is in charge of detection, with the technology that searches for new malware programs is called Collective Intelligence. Panda’s concept calls for users downloading a client that takes about 50MB on disc space, eating around 17MB of system memory. The final version Panda’s cloudy AV should use even less – about 12MB.

The good thing about this antivirus is that users don’t need to worry about downloading new virus definitions. Panda’s Collective Intelligence system needs less than six minutes for analyzing and classification of any new malware versions. And if the user goes offline, the program also has a copy of the Collective Intelligence cache for basic protection. It also has a few different modes of protection like classic disk search. If you are interested how this all works you can download it for free from official page.