DisplayLink is cooking something new…


We heard that DisplayLink, makers of USB-connecting display chip is preparing a new chip. Back in 2007, this company came out of thin air with first Samsung 19" displays featuring its DL-120 and later DL-160 chips.

The company grew significantly, and now you can see DisplayLink chips in 40 products, varying from USB adapters to projectors, wireless emitters etc. from Samsung, InFocus, HP, Toshiba and even manufacturers such as Diamond Multimedia and EVGA.

The company is keeping a low profile on the new chip, but we can expect improved capabilities and probably better cross-platform compatibility.
Given the sorry state of multi-monitor usage on Macs and the need for Apple’s proprietary mini-DisplayPort to DVI/Dual-Link DVI/HDMI, this new chip should propel DisplayLink further into the display connectivity market. The product line-up should be revealed in the next couple of weeks.