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Gainward prepares its US attack, appoints Managing Director USA


After Palit announced that the Palit Multimedia is leaving the US market, moves made by Palit’s HQ ensured us that the story between Palit and US market is nowhere near being over with. As we exclusively revealed in our story, Palit Multimedia is going to be replaced with Gainward. Customer Service contracts were being signed, and that the new attack will come in the shape of a brand that is renowned on the European scene.

As world+dog knows, Palit is the world’s largest manufacturer of nVidia-based graphics card, and the company owns Palit Multimedia, Gainward, Galaxy and the recently dumped the XpertVision brand [replaced by Palit for EMEA and China markets]. This time around, Palit is going to attack the US market by employing a group of seasoned professionals with more of a focus on customer service. We learned that the company recently appointed Michael Kao as Managing Director for the North American market. Michael is a veteran with a lot of success behind his back, and the competition should take note.

According to our sources, Gainward will continue its dual role as an nVidia and ATI partner, but also we learned that a lot of ATI partners are fighting against Gainward’s custom-PCB policy for ATI, hence the lack of Gainward’s custom-PCB Radeon HD4890 cards – at the same time, Gainward launched a custom designed GeForce GTX275 card featuring non-reference clocks etc.

We have received two GeForce GTX 275 cards from Gainward and I must personally admit, I like the non-reference design on the cards. It is not usual to see nVidia card on a red PCB, but if it performs well and offers good support if any technical issues arise, Gainward should do good on the tough and demanding, but awarding market.

If Gainward combines good customer service with high-quality products and a no-nonsense approach, the company could succeed. Then again, all of the AIB companies have to go against the standards set in customer and warranty service set by EVGA and BFG. The second half of the year should result with an interesting market share fight in the USA region.