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Major 3D breakthrough: RealD LP brings 3D to portable single-lens projectors

NAB in Las Vegas came and went, and we saw a lot of cool technologies that aim to bring the dash of fresh air into the conventional movie theater model. Going to the cinema is one thing, but if 3D is to set the living room afire, a more affordable solution has to be found. While competing technologies such as Dolby3D arguably bring even better 3D experience, required investment in projectors excludes themselves from the living room due to insanely high cost of equipment.

On the other hand, RealD thinks that they have found the way forward.  We received a press announcement that RealD introduced its vision of more affordable 3D cinema technology. This is not a home device, but it is a start towards the miniaturization of 3D technology. RealD LP [Linear Polarizing Z Screen] add-on for projectors is intended to bring 3D to education, commercial and industrial applications. If this product turns out to be a success, you can expect high-end home theater application in the third round.

This Adapter, RealD Pro just needs to be placed in front ot 3D-compliant projector and you're good to go
This Adapter, RealD Pro just needs to be placed in front ot 3D-compliant projector and you’re good to go

What makes this product pretty impressive by our standards is the fact that this is not several hundred thousand of dollars worth, complex, do-not-touch peripheral. RealD LP is just an externally mounted peripheral for a 3D-enabled DLP projector, featuring electronic controls for the device. In order to see 3D pictures, you need to use custom-built, reusable polarizing glasses.

RealD LP can be used with 3D-enabled projectors such as Christie Mirage HD, LightSpeed Design HD DepthQ and NEC NC800. Unfortunately, using a silver screen from Harkness, MDI or Stewart is mandatory. Sadly, silver screen is the main reason why we are not 100% behind the technology, but if it works, it will get our seal of approval.

This product is impressive, but we’re still lacking that silver bullet [pun intended] that 3D needs in order to become a household feature. Pricing for this part is unknown, since RealD isn’t exactly selling it – you can only lease the device through their professional division.