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Andy Paul reveals plans for Corsair 8GB and 12GB memory kits


AMD’s blog space is increasingly looking more interesting. The company’s executives post blogs and twitters, and now the company started to feature guests. Ian McNaughton is one of AMD’s most outspoken individuals, and in his interview with Andy Paul, a lot of interesting tidbits were revealed about Corsair Memory.

Andy is the co-founder, owner and the current CEO of Corsair Memory, so when it comes to this memory vendor, you won’t find anyone higher up. From the interview, you can read that Andy’s primary background is engineering and disclosing bits about latency and clock are always welcomed.

One of the quotes was memorable: "By the end of the year, I think many or most dual channel builds will transition to 8GB. Memory cost will continue to trend downwards, Windows 7 will be out there and applications programmers will produce applications and games that are designed to take advantage of 64-bit memory addressing.  Even now many of our customers are populating machines with 12GB."

Long story short, the industry will see 4GB DDR3 sticks rather sooner than later. 4GB modules should enable eight, 12GB, 16GB and 24GB high-end systems, and we should finally see the fall of swap file, a much hated part of any computing experience. Andy was still silent about Corsair’s own PCIe-based Solid State Disk drive, though.

Given the history of Andy’s company, I suspect that we won’t have to wait for too long, given the closeness of Computex Taipei, to be held first week in June.