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iPhone Game Review – Zombieville USA

With the popularity of the iPhone it seems that everyone wants their smart phone to be a source of mobile entertainment.  To this effect the other developers of mobile operating systems are working more and more “fun” into their own designs. We hear about Microsoft’s Mobile App Store, Android has one now and these will be populated with all types of applications but how much do you want to bet that the most popular ones are also the least productive?

We have thought about this and decided to take a look into these applications, so today we bring you the first ever Bright Side of News mobile application review.

Our first victim is an iPhone Application; it is a game called Zombieville USA developed by Mika Mobile.  Let’s dive in and see if it is worth your cash.

Zombieville USA

Zombieville USA is available in both a full paid version and a lite free version. This is actually a great idea. If there had not been this introductory version I would  have never discovered this fun and highly addictive game. We will cover both versions to give you an idea of what you are getting. It is rated at 9+ for cartoon violence and for its mild horror theme.

Zombieville USA Lite –
As far as lite games go this one if short but fun. It gives you a great feel for the game.  The developers hand you three different weapons; a pistol a shotgun and a machinegun. It is your job to walk through a fictional town and kill Zombies; pretty straight forward.

The Hunter at Work

The game scene is great it reminds me of the old shockwave and flash based games, you are an angry looking Zombie hunter you have on a ball cap, a hunting vest and a pair of jeans [the expression on the face of the hunter really is great]. You move linearly through the game with options to move forward and back. The scene is a town street at night, the moon is out and clouds drift through the sky, you walk down the sidewalk and occasionally pass houses. You can enter the houses by touching the doors inside is extra ammunition and money which in the full version is used to buy better weapons and first aid.

 The Zombies are trying to kill you [because that is what Zombies do] and will run at you from the front, the rear and even pop up right out of the ground. The difficulty in the lite mode is set pretty low as the Zombies quickly fall under your onslaught.

Unfortunately the lite version is only one level long so at the end of your mad dash the game is over.

Still the game is fun and well thought out, as you fire the hunter moves backward with the recoil shell casings fly and bounce and when you kill the zombies their head explodes in a shower of gore [a really nice touch]

Brains Flying

ZombieVille USA Full –
If the Lite version was fun then the Full version is a blast. You have the same setup basically; you play the hunter with the sour disposition but now you have more levels and potentially more deadly and enjoyable weapons. You start out with only the pistol this time which makes for a rough time killing he zombies. Each green zombie takes 4-5 hits from the pistol to kill. You have to be careful not to get too close as they can put a hurting on you if they get within reach.

But don’t worry; for each zombie you kill you get some cash that you can spend after the level, it allows you to buy more powerful weapons.

The weapons fall into certain categories and not all are available to you on your first visit to the weapon store.
You have handguns, shotguns, machine guns (up to a Gatling Gun), rocket launchers, and gas powered weapons.

The weapons

Each weapon category has three progressively more powerful versions.

Strategy [tips]–
When playing Zombieville USA it is important to keep a few things in mind.
– Do not waste ammo; you cannot buy more and only get what you find in the houses
– Keep moving; in the early levels this is not much of a concern but later they will horde you and it can get messy
– Use the houses to wait out large hordes; the zombies cannot get you in a house so they are great places to hide and change weapons
These few pointers will help keep you alive through most of the bad spots.
Important facts about the weapons
While the initial thought might be to upgrade the weapons equally in reality you should plan out your upgrades.

For starters if you have the cash grab the shotgun at the first chance you get. It is a great close in weapon and can be easily switched to in a hurry.  In the early levels you might want to try and stick to the pistol so you can gather more shotgun shells.

Next up is the machine gun; your next weapon purchase should be this nice little toy. It kills the zombies faster than the pistol (and you do not have to keep tapping) and it is still easy to switch to the shotgun if the zombies get too close.

From there you want to grab the grenade launcher and Chainsaw in that order. This will give you a great arsenal to wage your one man zombie war. Be careful with the grenade launcher it is useless at close range until you get to the higher types. You will only end up dead if you hang onto it when the zombies get close.

The Monsters –
There are three types of zombies in zombieville USA. The most common are the plain green walking dead they are your basic drones that move fairly slowly in their quest to kill you and eat your brain.

The Zombies

The second type you will encounter are the light grey zombies; these guys run very fast and can get close quickly, if you see one of these on the screen kill him first. As they move faster they are also easier to kill.

fast and deadly

The last and most powerful zombies are dark green with bloody eyes, they move very slow but are also very powerful and hard to kill. They take up to four rockets and even withstand the flame thrower and ray gun.

Slow, Mean and Ugly

They usually do not show up alone though, often as you are trying to kill one of these off a bunch of green and light gray ones will show up to the party, have the chainsaw, flamethrower, or ray gun ready when this happens. Be careful using the rocket launchers on this guy. At times if they are close enough the explosion bounces them into you and not away.

The Horde

You can get the full version of Zombieville USA from the iTunes store for only $1.99. At that price it is a steal for this extremely fun and highly addictive game.  I highly recommend going out and grabbing it; it really is one of those games that you can’t stop playing.

Flame on

***Update, in the newest version 1.2, you can buy ammo after you have completely upgraded a specific weapon. This means that you can buy machine gun ammo after you get the vulcan mini gun. This upgrade adds even more to this already great game***