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SmoothCreations launches Xeon workstation and server laptops


The time of owning a mobile workstation that is more powerful that most desktops is finally here: SmoothCreations today launched a computer with a quad-core Xeon 5500 processor, X58 chipset, 6GB of DDR3-1333 or even 12GB of DDR3-1066 and a GTX280 [9800GTX] card. It is not a dream – a company that was more known for its paintings on racing helmets expanded into the world of computing and generated a lot of attention. We received word from Mario Gastelum and Jim "Smooth" Sailing that SmoothCreations had launched Bulldozer, an X58-based notebook which these guys see as the world’s most powerful notebook.

Are they right or are they just bragging… let’s see how paper specs compare to every "fastest in the world" notebook out there. Does Bulldozer, e.g. X58 feature the fastest Quad-Core processor in the world? Check [3.2 GHz Core i7 or Xeon 5500? Your choice]. 12GB of DDR3 memory? Check. currently one of world’s most powerful graphics cards?GeForce GTX280M [this really isn’t a GTX280, but rather a blatant lie called "renaming GeForce 9800GTX" – no, we won’t let nVidia off the hook this time. This is a mislabeled product and we will not remain silent]  Check.

Now, for workstation features: RAID5 for speed and data security? Check. Built-in UPS for uninterrupted work? Check. Operating Systems for workstations? 64-bit versions of XP Professional, Vista, Server 2008 or Red Hat – check.

Honestly, these specs are out of this world for a desktop part as well, let alone a mobile one. Jim and his colleagues created a beast featuring 17" screen with FullHD resolution [1920×1200], full-sized keyboard and packed it with full LGA-1366 processor capable motherboard. You can go with either Core i7 Extreme 965 or Xeon 5580, both ticking at 3.2 GHz, 3-6-12GB of DDR3-1333 memory, three SATA-300 hard drives [SSD or HDD, your wallet].

We decided to dare a manufacturer that send out a press release like this one and dare to send us a laptop for a 30-day trial as one of our workstation machines, getting company between our Mac Pros, MacBook Pros, Skulltrail, V8 and Core i7-powered systems. We await their answer.