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nVidia first to market with a DirectX 11 GPU?


With the news that ATI delayed the RV870 part to 4Q’09, there are reasons why Santa Clara camp will be happy. GT300 is coming before the RV870, if TSMC does not mess up completely.

After the conference call last night, nVidia was feeling very confident that the company is on the right track… and there is a pretty good reason why. We spoke with several sources and they’re quite optimistic that they will be able to release their DirectX 11 GPU ahead of ATI’s RV870 chip.

According to a rumored report on Fudzilla, ATI allegedly decided to postpone their DirectX 11 until after the release of Windows 7, while our sources cited that recent rumors about slipping into 2010 were "blatant lies" and "written by a person that has no sense of reality". We will refrain from comments and we usually dislike it if a fellow journalist is being dissed, unless it is a person who invents things up. Charlie is usually known to be on target, but this goes against the information we know. But what is important is that according to our sources, GeForce GTX 300 series will be shipped in late 3Q 2009, targeting the Back-to-School period. We’re not talking about a October-November frame, but rather August or September. Our sources were not wrong in the past, and we have no reason to believe otherwise. BUT – this is a rumor story. Until the silicon comes out, we won’t know who’s who.

Just like RV870, the reason why both companies have issues is TSMC’s issues with the 40nm process, and this is a trump card for GlobalFoundries. Like any rumors, take them with a grain of salt. It is a common thing that competing manufacturers spread bad rumors about the competing company’s part, but that is just the way how this game is played.