Software Programs 3.1 is out 3.1 is out – this update brings a number of smaller upgrades, for which it was, according to the project leaders over at Sun/Oracle resulted in a change of about half a million lines of code.

This 3.1 update brings a number of smaller upgrades, but the most important news comes at implementation of Anti-Aliasing technique on all supported platforms. This means that OpenOffice now can look even more graphically detailed, or "souped up" like Office 2007. Anti-Aliasing support meant that the authors could put smaller improvements in text display and text editing, continuing with further integration of grammar checking tools. We also heard that the accent was on increasing the system performance. Given the fact that OpenOffice is the only real multi-platform office suite, it is good to see these changes coming – for free. At the present time, it is unknown what will happen with this project once that Oracle takes over, but just like Sun, Oracle knows how to get to be the productivity suite on Linux operating environment, and an interesting proposition on Windows or Mac platforms.

The previous version of OpenOffice – 3.0 since it was presented in October last year, was downloaded more than 60 million times from the official pages. This new version is available in more than 90 languages and free to download for all major computer platforms. 3.1 can be downloaded from the official pages.