Peacekeeper RC 1 24-hour preview out


Back in March Futuremark released a Beta of a new benchmark Called Peacekeeper. This is a first of its kind web-browser benchmark that was set to end the debate once and for all who has the fastest browser.

We took a look at the Beta and were impressed with its simplicity and functionality.  There were a few minor bugs and things that needed to be completed but now it looks like Futuremark is moving ahead. They are releasing a 24-hour demo of their release candidate that will be available on their website.

The major changes are to the bench are the addition of an experimental testing suite, and a change to the way the scores are generated [all previous Beta scores are no longer valid].

The test runs through several suites they are Community, String, Experimental, Render and DOM.

The Rendering suite is just what it says, it measures your browsers ability to render and edit common web graphics and HTML elements.

The Community Suite tests your browsers ability to work with social networking sites.

The DOM suite tests performance with the Document Object Model and covers your browsers ability to create and work with Dynamic Pages.

The String Suite tests your browsers ability to parse text in standard web pages (such as working with profanity filters.)

The Experimental suite tests your browsers ability to handle complex graphics rendering using “Canvas”.  As not all browsers handle the new technology this suite will be skipped over if not supported and is not included in the final scoring.

When you launch Peacekeeper it is important to note that if you are using IE Peacekeeper will run the system scan using ActiveX while other non-ActiveX browsers will start their Java plug-ins. This has no impact on the test at all and you can even run Peacekeeper without the system scan. But it is worth mentioning this as some may see it as a bias toward one browser or the other.

Another thing worth mentioning here, this is only performance with web based standards [rendering, DOM, Java etc) it does not test the security of the browsers at all. So while we may find out which browser is the fastest at doing Java, Canvas or HTML, the question will still be open as to which them gives the best in terms of performance and security.

After running this a few times I think Futuremark has another 3DMark/PCMark on their hands. Now to see what Overclocking will do to this test.