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NCsoft does it again, City of Heroes is going Rogue


NCsoft’s Paragon Studios, the makers of City of Heroes and City of Villains games (CoV is a game/stand alone expansion that was merged with CoH) are giving the players what they wanted for a long time yet again. Among many changes asked for by the fans during the years unlike the competition, they actually made a few come true:

  • The ability to change the original look of your hero or villain’s weapon of choice was one of the first and most wanted ones.
  • At first glance not so major but still a great addition was the introduction of police radio missions for heroes, similar to villain newspaper missions that you can use to level up without street hunt or just following mission arcs.
  • Power profilation that gave some previously certain class-only powers to others was also highly asked for.
  • Badge hunters, power levelers and story lovers later got the ability to go back in time and do all those story arcs and missions that they have outleveled a long time ago.
  • Recently the villains got their own "proper healer" set, totally corrupted and self-serving version of hero empathy but healer set nonetheless.
  • Villains received the ability to respec out of chosen Arachnos epic patron power set and choose a different one. This was before available only for heroes and their thematic ancillary power sets.
  • The final great addition to the game was last issue’s Mission Architect, an in game mission editor that allows players to create their own stories and enemies.

Not many things that players want remain but it seems we will be getting a few of them again. This time some major things. Paragon Studios has announced the development of City of Heroes Going Rogue that will be the first real expansion since City of Villains. After later mini expansions that were downloadable free content with some great additions this time, we are getting a full-fledged proper expansion.

Time to go Rogue ;)
Time to go Rogue 😉

For the first time in the history of this super-hero comic genre inspired MMO the players will get the ability to switch sides. This change is a major one because many loved the concept of City of Heroes or City of Villains but hated some particular or even all classes compared to those on the other side.
I for example loathe villains’ backstabbing stalker and find mentally challenged brute boring so will enjoy playing a villainous scrapper (pure damage no tanking class). Corruptors who prefer to blast things instead of healing or debuffing will enjoy playing a villain blaster. Of course, we cannot forget the humble, heroic and ever so gimped tanks who have longed for brute’s ability to SMASH yet had no heart to force themselves to play the bad guy.
As the icing to the cake a long time hoped for dual pistol set and a new primary for mastermind (pet class) demon summoning are coming with this expansion.

But how will we get all these goodies you ask? Parallel universe my son, parallel universe is the answer. This time the heroes of Paragon City and villains of Rogue Islands will travel to a cruel parallel universe called Praetoria, ruled by Statesman’s (main hero, Superman/Captain America of City of Heroes) evil version Tyrant. Alignment change will be affected by player’s choices toward the world and its inhabitants. In this new world, a hero might fall to the fun side of a costumed career and return to his original world as a villain. On the other side a villain might find his powers are better used for good deeds and redeem himself.

It unknown at this point when is this goodness coming our way. Be patient my sleepers and work among your so-called peers. Wait for the day when you can stand up and show your true colors. /emote evil laugh6