GlobalFoundries poaches a TSMC executive


GlobalFoundries is currently experiencing a hiring spree. Right after the announcement of AMD splitting into two, GlobalFoundries ventured on a hiring spree, negotiating with contract foundry experts. After several high-level hires, we learned that Mojy Chian [ex-Altera] has joined the ranks. Mojy worked with TSMC for years on advanced foundry deals, as Altera is one of leaders of the pack. Less than 24 hours after Mojy joining GlobalFoundries, a new press release was issued. This time around, the poached exec comes directly from TSMC – Subramani Kengeri will serve as VP of Design Solutions, reporting directly to Mojy.

Subramani served as Senior Director of Design and Technology, and of course – head of North America Design Center in Silicon Valley. What the press release doesn’t hide was that this was a deliberate poach from their direct competitor.

Here’s a quote: "We have added a top recruit from the largest contract chip maker in the world – and our biggest competitor.  Not only does this signal a commitment to succeeding as an independent foundry, but it also sends a strong message about the appeal of our business model."

We would add – "we have coffers of money pouring from Abu Dhabi and we want to be the biggest and the best." Given their manufacturing expertise these guys showed while working under AMD and saving Microsoft’s bacon over Xbox 360 CPU yields [prior to AMD coming in with APM into Chartered, Chartered yields for Xbox CPU were sub-50%]. Don’t be surprised if GlobalFoundries announces another switch from somebody originating from the allmighty Chipzilla, Intel of Santa Clara.

Recently, we had an open microphone interview with an out-spoken GlobalFoundries executive, and we’ll bring that interview later today. Expect a lot of sparks to be flying after that one.