Netbooks capture 20% of WW market, Acer dominates

DisplaySearch, a division of NPD Group is completing its Quarterly Notebook PC Shipment and Forecast report. We received a preliminary version of the report and learned some interesting tidbits. 

First of all, during 1Q’2009 netbooks captured 20% of all mobile computers. This means every fifth notebook was – a netbook. These figures are not so great when it comes to computing power, but numbers confirm netbooks are now a significant part of mobile computing.

By looking at numbers, we see that EMEA markets captured 45% of all netbooks shipped, followed by North America with 26%. World-wide, the leader in netbooks is clearly Acer. This versatile manufacturer has massive 30.5% market share, more than double the market share figure of ASUS, its closest competitor. The success of Acer is not based on chance – Acer’s hidden ace was a SIM slot. The EMEA market share should not surprise you – European telecom operators launched a massive marketing campaign offering 3.5G enabled netbooks back in the summer of last year. During the first quarter of 2009, subsidized netbooks began to appear in US as well – but you should not expect a pickup until back-to-school shopping spree. Then, the likes of companies such as Verizon, Sprint, AT&T will take over TV ads from Best Buy and notebook manufacturers.

Looking at the overall notebook market share, HP is the world-wide leader with 24.1% of the market, Acer overtook Dell and now has 18.8% of the market. Dell now follows Acer on a significant distance, since Acer shipped 5.7 million notebooks and Dell shipped "only" 4.3 million. The biggest loser is ASUS – we did not expect that, but ASUSTeK Computer dropped by massive 47% to only 1.7 million notebooks. Back in 2008, ASUS was "the company", shipping more than three million notebooks. Unfortunately, ASUS pulled some wrong moves, especially in the terms of customer support and market punished them for that.