Toshiba ships a 12-hour notebook with 512GB SSD


If we would had to name two ultra-portable notebook manufacturers who always come out with something new and simply deliver on their promises, those two would be Samsung and Toshiba. If any of these two declares long battery life, you will usually get what was stated on a box.

Toshiba Dynabook SS RX2 - 512GB SSDMy old Samsung Q30Plus-SSD delivered 11 hours of autonomy, as specified – same thing happened with Toshiba Tecra. Today [Japan time], Toshiba introduced Dynabook SS RX2, new notebook that promises up to 12 hours of battery and packs a 512GB on an ultra-fast SSD drive.

The SSD features 2-bit-per-cell [MLC] multi-level NAND flash, pairing it with a new native-SSD controller that is able to do some serious parallel procesisng. This drive packs a read speed of 230MB/s and 180GB/s of write speed. Spec-wise, we haven’t seen a speedier drive when it comes to writing speed.

The rest of hardware combines Centrino 2 platform and Core 2 Duo SU9400 processor, with up to 4GB of memory. However, this 1.09kg [2.40 lbs.] lightbook will set you back for $4,422 – not exactly affordable.

Even though 4200 USD is a really steep price at the current shape of economy, one must have in mind that this is 2000 USD less than that Samsung Q30Plus-SSD notebook ultra-portable notebook in 2006 [world’s first notebook with SSD drive], so we can conclude that things are getting more affordable. While it is true that for that price we could got something else but plastic casing, the fact is that both Tecra and now Dynabook are very durable and most importantly – completely silent due to lack of any moveable parts. How are they cooling that Core 2 Duo, don’t ask us. But you won’t see any heat exhaust.