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SNAFU: MySpace bans 50K IP addresses – including Sony!


Gawker ran an interstin g story, claiming that Sony Picture Entertainment was banned from MySpace. It turns out there are 49,999 IP banned addresses to go. MySpace SNAFU or a case of something going seriously haywire?

It’s no secret that MySpace became a Rupert Murdoch-owned unmanageable jungle, but the latest SNAFU looked to be in the "icing on a cake" category. At first, it looked that overly-eager system administrators at MySpace went on a coffee break while the list of "To ban" IP addresses was going on computer screens.

End result was that MySpace banned 50,000 IP addresses from accessing their site… and the unfortunate part was that a small number of these addresses belong to…  Sony Picture Entertainment. Guys and girls from SPE woke up one morning and became aware that they cannot access MySpace, because they’re getting redirected to The confusion lasted for most of the working Thursday and Friday, but it was resolved before the MySpace-surfing "working" week ended.

Ultimately, we discovered that this was a hack job – a hacker penetrated into Sony’s IP range to pull various crap on MySpace and admins blocked all the suspicious behavior, including Sony’s IP range. After web security guys went into overload mode, a hacker was found and after some "persuasion", things are now back to being normal, and system administrators can now get some sleep. A storm in a teacup.