The Hired Guns could be one addictive summer game


RTS combining Blood Diamond and The Expendables is coming. Next week, gamers will be a ble to lead a group of mercenaries hired to overthrow the brutal dictator of The Diamond Shores in Africa. Game Factory Interactive (GFI) and Morphicon plan to release their real time strategy game The Hired Guns: Jagged Edge in May 29th. Players will lead a group of ruthless mercenaries hired to overthrow the brutal dictator of The Diamond Shores who waits hidden in the darkest part of Africa.

Is that the Titanic... oh yes it is..

You will be able to assemble your team from a pool of quite nasty soldiers of fortune, e.g. mercs:

Ernest Rogers
Ernest loves weapons and hunting lions. Little is known about him except these two things. Lions and long-pigs (humans) beware.

Jack is a former commanding officer of an anti-terrorist detachment in the British SAS forces. Court marshaled for to failing to resolve a hostage situation but honorably discharged due to former services. Many hostages died but the terrorists themselves were found in even worse condition. Seems good ole Jack went ape s*** on them and butchered the lot. Specialized in assault operations and close quarters combat.

Rasta is a military scientist and a quick learner. Uses rifles but is not so good with them. On the good side, he is strong, resilient, and skilled in close combat.

Billy Bob
Billy has returned to his old profession due to becoming a widower. Former bartender from Lancaster is always polite and good mannered. Billy Bob is probably the worst psycho of them all if we believe in that old saying about the polite people.

This guy is CIA’s ex-field op that got bored with espionage games, politics, narco-business, weapon sales and other types of "easy" work. Automatic weapons, explosives, electronics and close combat are his thing. He is also a mechanic and can offer first aid when needed.

Taking the higher ground...

Game will be published by Kalypso Media for Morphicon in select European Territories. This is probably due to some of them having those silly censorship laws.  http://www.kalypsomedia.com/en/index.shtml From what we have seen so far the game reminds of old X-Com games, Fallout 1 and 2, Commandos and others of that type. Of course it is meant to be a real time strategy so we can forget the turn based system but it could bring out that good old feeling in those of us who enjoyed isometric games.

The Hired Guns will set you back for around 25 quid [35 USD] which doesn’t look too excessive – if it turns out to be good.