Toshiba sues eight companies over DVD media dispute


Second quarter of 2009 is turning into a lawsuit-fest, with many industry giants sueing left and right. This time around Toshiba’s US branch announced that the company is prosecuting several companies – for alleged violation of patent rights in DVD technology. Toshiba sued eight companies, including Imation and Ritek.

The Japanese manufacturer claims that other companies were using DVD technologies patented by Toshiba and Tosh condemns the sued companies for manufacturing and distribution of DVD media without any license agreement with Toshiba. It is obvious that without any license agreements, sued companies created certain financial damage.

Toshiba is asking financial compensation, injunction of production, import and selling of disputable products on US grounds. The case is still in early stages, so they still haven’t made a decision are they for settlement or court trial. Is this Toshiba move just a step caused by worlds recession or is it really about violation of rights, we’ll let you to decide ;).