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More cache for AMD, ATI, nVidia, ARM?

In order to win semiconductor manufacturing contracts, you don’t need to have just the best or the most affordable tools in the business, but also feature a number of technologies that set you apart from the competition. 

GlobalFoundries issued a joint- press release with T-RAM Semiconductor, inventor of the Thyristor-RAM embedded memory tech. Starting with 32nm processes and below [both SOI and bulk silicon], GlobalFoundries can offer T-RAM to all of its customers. According to the inventor of T-RAM technology, T-RAM claims to be more efficient than eDRAM or 6T-SRAM. 

Thyristor-RAM technology differs from traditional FET-based memory such as eDRAM or SRAM is the fact that the T-RAM memory is a NDR-based RAM Cell. Given the development on the cache space in both CPU and GPU fields, a viable answer to the store [caching] operations inside the modern processors is more than welcomed. The only requirement for T-RAM deployment is a high-end manufacturing process, hence the announcement of partnering up with GlobalFoundries.

Besides T-RAM Semi and its Thyristor-RAM tech, GlobalFoundries also offers Z-RAM [Ultra-Dense memory technology] from Innovative Silicon – in all of its processing nodes. With T-RAM at 32-28-22nm and Z-RAM at 45-32-28-22nm and below, GlobalFoundries has an impressive offering in the L1/L2/scratch-cache , SRAM and RAM manufacturing area.

If AMD, ATI, ARM or nVidia pick these technologies up, we could see serious improvements in the cache arena from the public and "currently closeted" customers of GlobalFoundries…