And… we’re back!

After 37 hours of being off-line, we have completed the switch from Hopkinsville, KY to Los Angeles, CA. Our new hosting service isn’t afraid of serving tens of thousands of readers and we hope that you will enjoy the service – this time, on a quad-core server with 4GB of memory, SSD drive and a 100Mbps line.

Currently, DNS Records are still being changed, even though our site is already accessible toome, but we expect that by the end of the day, DNS Records will be refreshed on all ISPs.

Visit www.brightsideofnews.com and enjoy the latest analysis, news, reviews and rumors from the best industry in the world. Thank you for your patience.

  • BIGDisciple

    I can’t log in (again) but I’m on a different computer so I came here. But that’s not the point. I need to find someone to talk to about creating full screen animation videos. Something that won’t cost me $699 (Flash). Anyway someone on the BSN team can get in touch with me about that?


  • tapper

    Hi theo what is going on with the folding at home team? I meen just look at the stats.
    table with 2 columns and 9 rows
    Report generated on
    12:47:33 September 23, 2009  
    Date of last work unit
    2009-09-23 12:11:15  
    Active CPUs within 50 days
    Team Id
    Grand Score
    12794033 (

    Wen you had that comp there was 50 CPUs. Are we going to have another comp soon? I have bin part of 3 or 4 teams but this one was the best.

  • Hi Tapper,

    Unfortunately, I had no time to take care of distributed computing teams… we have several things in store, and during October we’ll launch a new competition.

    BSN* is getting forums during october, and we’ll start pushing distributed computing line.

    I lost shedload of machines, but now I am back 😉


  • tapper

    ok cool thanks for geting back to me.

  • tapper

    Hi dude i dont no if you stil read this blog but i carnt get on to http://www.brightsideofnews.com
    I have tride with FF and IE and wont work. Has bin like this for 3 days for me

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