Kingston Announces 12GB kit of 1600mhz DDR3



Today, Kingston has announced a one of a kind triple channel memory kit. What makes this kit so unique is that it is actually a 3 stick 12GB kit, enabling you to run 24GB of memory on an i7 based platform, motherboard permitting of course. While 4GB modules are not necessarily anything new, they are still quite rare and expensive. What makes this release impressive is that these modules are actually running at 1600 MHz and CL9-9-9-27 while all other 4GB modules run at 1333 MHz.


This announcement is a great development for gamers and people who need every ounce of memory bandwidth that they can get, except for one downside: price. These modules will actually run you $1400 a kit, which means that you would have to spend $2800 in order to get 24GB of 1600 MHz. If price is not an object to you, then this kit is definitely something I would consider. The next step for these 4GB DIMMs is to attempt to achieve higher clock speeds with these denser memory IC’s, perhaps even 2 GHz.