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Wolfenstein 3D is coming back through Xbox and PlayStation 3


Activision Publishing, the publishing branch of Activision Blizzard and idSoftware are making the original Wolfenstein 3D game downloadable for Xbox Live Arcade on June 3rd and for PlayStation Network on 4th.

Wolfie is the legendary title that spawned the whole genre of so-called Doom clones, today known as first person shooters. Inspired by Castle Wolfenstein and Beyond Castle Wolfenstein it placed us in the boots of American soldier BJ Blazkowitcz who is trying to escape from the infamous Nazi castle. After the escape, he decides to stick around to snuff some more Nazis and spoil their war plans. The enemies he faces range from lowly grunts, dogs, mutant zombies to faux Mengele, Hans Grosse and Mecha-Hitler himself. Oh yeah also freaky floating priests who shoot magic orbs and look a bit like ghosts of Hitler.
Six episodes and overall 60 levels of old school carnage await players who decide to take this little time trip and return to era when gutting the Jerry and frying the Fritz was the thing. Also the era when World War2 games were not as numerous and "sucktacular" as today. Speaking of which – playing the original Wolfie will grant the players the "oh so popular" achievements and random junk usable in the new upcoming Wolfenstein title that will hit the shelves on August 7th. It will be available on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.