Corsair has a new case and it has an aquired taste


The case that Corsair will be announcing for Computex 2009 tomorrow is going to be called the 800D and be part of their Obsidian series of cases. This will be the first case that Corsair has ever released and as such there may be some things that may need some work. This case will sport a steel structure that is painted inside and out matte black and will have a brushed aluminum front panel. This case will also have a windowed side panel in order to allow people to show off their magnificent water-cooling setup or cable management. Or even worse, their awful cable management.

Personally, I cannot believe that Corsair decided to go with a steel full tower considering the fact that the thing will weigh a ton. In addition to that, if they want to compete with other high end manufacturers, they cannot just look good and function well but they also have to use quality components and using steel in such a case at the price they are asking is almost a sin. Remember, if they are going to promote water-cooling the added weight of steel and a radiator will make this case almost immovable. In addition to all that, they are going to be pricing this thing at $299, which I feel is too much for a steel full tower.  The only other case that I know that is within that price range is the Silverstone Raven, which will supposedly have a new version also coming out during Computex. As a personal caveat, I really do not like having a steel case or a lot of plastic in it when I am paying 300 dollars or more for a case. Because of this reason, I have not even considered the Raven for purchase and don’t really know if I will the Corsair.

This case will also feature three isolated “cooling zones.” The power supply compartment, main compartment and the SATA bays each have dedicated cooling subsystems to prevent heat buildup. A dust-filtered 140mm fan draws in cold air at the bottom of the chassis and exhausts it at the rear and top. The SATA hot-swap bays are cooled by a separate 140mm fan which vents from the chassis via a sealed chamber and prevents the heat generated by the drives from entering the main compartment. The power supply compartment has its own dedicated intake and exhaust, also isolated from the main compartment. In addition to that, the case is predrilled to support single, dual and triple radiators for water cooling setups or just three more 120mm fans as blowholes. There is also a removable CPU back plate panel for easy heat sink installation and removal.

This case also has a SATA hot-swap drive bay in the front that supports up to four drives which will allow for easy removal and replacement of hard drives. This feature is similar to one on the Zalman full tower case. In addition to that, this case comes with a total of 4 fans with the ability add three more 120mm fans. The case also has precut holes in the tray for those who like to have clean looking cable management.

Here is the link to their product page with more information. They should be shipping at the end of this month and you may see them in stores in early July.