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Introducing BSO* – Bright Side of Overclocking*

One of ideas behind Bright Side of News* is to open up to various communities, such as gaming, scientific or hardcore overclocking ones.  A while ago, Thomas Jorgen Jacobsen, a well-known overclocker known as "xt0m" from Denmark contacted us and as of today, we’re officially bringing Bright Side of Overclocking* to life.

Thomas will be joined by our colleagues and we will try to do our best to bring you different overclocking numbers, benchmarking and overclocking not just the conventional products, but also some things that you would never think of overclocking. We start off with an attempt to overclock an ASUS EEE 1000HE netbook, and we will continue to do just that by overclocking equipment such as Xeon and Opteron processors, nVidia Quadro and ATI FirePro graphics, all in search for best possible scores.

BSO Lab in Denmark
xt0m setting up the BSO* overclocking Lab.

On the picture above, you can see the buildup of our overclocking Lab in Denmark. All of overclocking sessions will be monitored in strict conditions so that we can replicate the conditions on various hardware. Our focus will be on overclocking the publically available components, not just "speed binned", "golden binned" components that were hand selected and sent to us. The goal is to have as much as hardware as possible from the retail and e-tail stores, giving you an exact overview of what you could expect from a certain component.

Our team number on is 2168* . Enough with the introduction, time to do some overclocking!