Corsair & Asetek Joint Venture brings weight relief to motherboards


Corsair opened up Computex with an announcement of their first water-cooling part in years. Corsair Nautilus launched way back in early 2006 and successfully lived all the way until now. But for H50, Corsair opted against using its own design.

Corsair Memory decided to team up with Asetek, an OEM-focused liquid-cooling manufacturer that now finally has a foothold in the retail market. The LCLC [Low-Cost Liquid-Cooling] received its first truly retail part in the form of Corsair H50. This part will support Socket 775, LGA-1156, LGA-1366 and AMD’s Socket AM2/AM2+/AM3 sockets, e.g. all the Core 2, Core i5, Core i7s and Athlons’n’Phenoms you can imagine.

But the biggest winners here are the end-users. If you want a high performing cooling setup and are afraid at the potential damage that a 0.8-1.1kg of aluminum-copper cocktail might do to your motherboard, you’d be relieved to find out that H50 will load the motherboard with only 300 grams, including the copper plate and the pump. Bear in mind that both AMD and Intel specify the maximum heatsink weight at 445 grams, and then it is up to the motherboard manufacturer to build a motherboard that will be able to hold 500-1000g plus coolers.

Asetek’s LCLC or Corsair’s H50 – doesn’t matter. What matters here is that we might have the first retail kit that will keep those high-end motherboards alive for years to come. The H50 will retail for 80 bucks, and will be a solid alternative to CoolIT Domino A.L.C.