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Point Lookout, yet another Fallout 3 DLC expected in June

To access this new content players will have to buy a ticket from Tobar the ferryman and hop aboard the Duchess Gambit, a ferry boat that will take them to the strange seaside town of Point Lookout. This downloadable content pack will offer a mysterious adventure involving a decrepit town, spooky mansion, unpleasant marshes and of course, some dark and creepy secret that awaits us in the end.

Entrance to the Swamp or a nice place to have post-apocaliptic vacation
Entrance to the Swamp or a nice place to have post-apocaliptic vacation

Players will have to uncover the secret of mansion, importance of something called Punga Fruit, traverse the marshes, and face many horrors that lurk inside the dark waters. Fortunately on their way if they look hard enough they will find and put to good use the legendary Double-Barrel Shotgun, an iconic weapon from old shooters that can put to sleep even the most powerful monsters. If we are to believe the artwork and story set before us, there won’t be a lack of those in Point Lookout.

As before Bethesda is announcing huge area for gameplay, epic storyline, new weapons (probably one or two as before), new monsters, open-ended gameplay whatever that means in this scenario and of course new perks for which I would not hold my breath considering previous ones.

Getting up, close and personal with the local population...
Getting up, close and personal with the local population…

When I look at previous Fallout 3 Downloadable Content packs and how lousy they were delivered I should probably be skeptic about this one however this stuff reeks of good old H.P.Lovecraft and his Shadow over Innsmouth story. That is a great thing because thankfully Bethesda knows their Lovecraft stuff and previously did a pretty damn awesome game Call of Cthulu: Dark Corners of the Earth game that was ruined only by its utterly pointless and moronic ending, a bit like the one in Oblivion and the original Fallout 3 storyline.

This pack for what is worth will not feature virtual Chinese communists, retarded slavers and their miracle cure baby or Enclave for the oomphtin time but rather some nasty mutant freaks and a scary Lovecraftian atmosphere.