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FAIL: LC SNPC is the reason why Microsoft will always lose to Apple


Laptop Hunters was a good start, but Microsoft decided to screw everything up: We all call small notebooks – netbooks. Well, MSFT thinks that’s not a good idea. Microsoft is suggesting that netbook manufacturers use the name "Low Cost Small Notebook PC". WTF?

Steven Guggenheimer during Computex explained that computers of today are capable of far advanced tasks than just plain Internet surfing, so the name “netbook” is underestimating their true possibilities – limited by the Red Giant from Redmond, of course. Windows 7 Starter will be delivered on laptops with limited hardware such as those with a 10 inch display, 1GB RAM, 250GB hard disk and maximum 2GHz processor with one core. An advanced “low cost notebook PC” will require more advanced hardware capabilities and a more expensive version of Windows 7.

From one side, Microsoft wants to have Intel killing its dual-core Atom, forcing VIA to remove its dual-cores from the roadmap and at the same time, forcing manufacturers to use acronyms that aren’t understandable to the technology-aware crowd, let alone mainstream consumers. This is just another shot in the foot from people inside Microsoft, unaware why

We at Bright Side of News* have a small suggestion to Microsoft: whoever invented the LC SNPC acronym, should be fired on the spot. In fact, if the team approved that, and VP of Marketing said yes – can him as well. Guys, a snowball has better chance in hell than Microsoft folk understanding the market they’re trying to serve.

Microsoft, the inventors of the Low Cost Small Notebook Personal Computer or LC SNPC, here’s a word for you: FAIL.