Obscure II: The Aftermath, coming to PSPgo this fall


Obscure: The Aftermath is the sequel to Obscure, a critically acclaimed teen survival horror game from 2005. It PSPgo version will arrive with the debut of this new portable game system that is expected in fall. According to Rogier Smit Executive Vice President of Playlogic, Obscure’s publisher the game will be adapted to fit co-op capabilities and controls of the PSPgo but keep the gameplay and graphics present in original version.

Success of teen movie Twilight obviously left a mark on the artwork gang...Story of Obscure: The Aftermath takes place two years after the events at Leafmore High. Teens who survived being trapped in their school and hunted by their maniacal headmaster and monsters are now starting college at Fallcreek University.

They wish to put the past behind them and start normal life again but it is not to be.

But, strange black flowers are discovered growing all over the university and the experiments on them produce a highly dangerous substance that produces hauntingly vivid dreams, or nightmares to be more precise. As the line between dreams and lucidness blurs those nightmares turn to reality and they must fight for their very lives and what remains of their sanity.

Game will feature six characters, each unique and gifted with their own set of skills required for survival of this ordeal. In Obscure: The Aftermath’s interesting approach to co-operative gameplay the second player will be able to hop in or out of the game as he wishes.

There are many disturbing and horrifying monsters but thankfully a large selection of weaponry is there to help us remove them from our presence.

Probably the most important aspect of a successful survival horror game along with design is the atmospheric music. Beautifully insane Silent Hill series comes to mind as the prime example of this. The Boston String Quartet and the Paris Opera’s Children’s choir provides the soundtrack for the game so that department is perfectly covered. You can almost feel the slaughter and have a good laughter… [Sandro, if you’re referring to a certain beloved T-shirt you like so much, then better link to the site – T-shirt Hell’s worse than hell T-shirt, Ed.]

While the game is not in the same league as Silent Hill, Resident Evil or Alone in The Dark and don’t even get me started on the teen aspect of the game it is still not a bad title to jump start this new gaming system.